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​​Born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains Mica Raas has an intimate knowledge of the micro terroir soil and climate that the area has to off er. Mica beli eves that winemaking is very much an art– not a science–and that true perfection in winemaking can only be obtained by careful management of microbial chaos. Artisan wines should in his opinion always be vineyard de signates f ield blends and well balanced hand crafted w ines. They should exhibit yearly variation and always offer true varietal character. Mica learned to make wine from the ground up starting as a cellar rat who worked his way up the ladder to make vineyard designate Zinfandel in Sonomas Russian River Valley. Since then he has worked in Napa Sonoma and Lodi and has now come back to Santa Cruz to town and operate his own and one of the premier Santa Cruz Mountain wineries

​At Myka Cellars a holistic approach to winemaking is taken. All of the parts of a wine should be in balance yet all should be expressed. Each wine should express a sense of place and varietal charact er. To achieve this we employ gentle handling techniques on micro lot wines.We use a combination of new world and old world techniques bridging the two styles in a way that utilizes the best attributes of both. Our wines of more than one grape involve a co-fermentation w ith all grapes fermented together to create complex and unique flavors that are only obtained through this process. We use oak barrels to accentuate the existing flavors of our wines and are careful not to let the oak dominate and become the central flavor in the w ine.

​This process makes every vintage an expression of that year. In the cellars we use only sustainable winemaking pract ices nd There are no additives used in your winemaking. We start with sustainable natural grapes and thats all w e use.The grapes that are used for our wines come only from very small family operated v ineyards in the Monterey Bay region. Each of these vineyards has a unique and inspiring quality that we try to express through our wines. One of the strengths of the Monterey Bay region is its very diverse climate soil and culture. This diversity in growers and environmental conditions makes for an expansi ve array of varietals and styles that can be produced. Here at Myka Cellars we choose to use only vineyards that we believe were grown with a correct balance of environment and varietal. Through this we can create truly expressive and exceptional wine that will capture a sense of place.